16-20 October,  Scientific organizer, EUI Executive Training Seminar: Transnational Regulation, Voluntary Standards and Trade. (here)

8-10  October,  Paper giver,  Transnational Sustainability Governance: A Multivariate Analysis of Voluntary Regulatory Programs, Lund Conference on Earth System Governance. (link to paper)

25-27 September,  Speaker at the Trade for Sustainable Development Forum,  International Trade Centre, Geneva. (here)



11 September,  Speaker at ISEAL Alliance Webniar,  the changing nature of trust and the role of credible standards. Sign up here!


13 July, Guest speaker at Utrecht Summer School on Food Politics in the EU,  "Sustainability Governance beyond the State: The Rise and Impact of Private Standards", Roosevelt College, Middleburg. 

new publications

2018 Emerging Markets and Private Governance: The Political Economy of Sustainable Palm Oil in China and India, Review of International Political Economy. [early view]


2017 Tracing Failure of Coral Reef Protection in Nonstate Market-Driven Governance, Global Environmental Politics, 17, 4. [link


2017 Private Regulation and Global Economic Change: The Drivers of Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil, Governance, 30, 4.  [link]


2017 Social and Environmental Standards: From Fragmentation to Coordination. International Trade Centre, Geneva. [link]